A Boy’s First Hero

A boy's first hero is his father

With the imminent release of Heroic next week, I wanted to give all of you another excerpt from the book, this time from the beginning of Chapter 2. Read and enjoy! “In all my years growing up, I have only one life-giving memory of my father. I was in the fifth or sixth grade, and […]

Four Traits of Manly Men

Sprinting and racing

Photo by tableatny on Foter.com / CC BY For a video version of this post, click here. Perhaps my favorite class as a high school teacher was called Men in the Bible, a class that sought to point out the path into manhood. One of the perennial topics of discussion was what made men manly. […]

Searching for a Hero

Boy in a ball cap

Photo by sarowen on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND With the imminent release of Heroic on April 2, I thought I would give you another excerpt from Chapter 1. Here it is! Whom did you look up to as a boy? Whom did you admire as a young man? Who seemed to have the strength and […]

The Oxymoron of the Self-Made Man

Cowboy riding his horse

An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two contradictory things are brought together. Some examples might be a circular square, an ugly beauty, or the falsely true. Oxymoron comes from a Greek word that means pointedly foolish. And such contradictory terms do appear especially ridiculous. But not all oxymorons strike us as absurd. […]