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Spiritual Direction is the ancient practice that helps a man experience God’s transforming presence and opens him to hear His voice.

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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is for anyone longing for more in their relationship with God. You may feel discontent with your faith. You may feel that God is not active in your life. Or your experience with God does not align with what you have been taught about him. All of these are good reasons to start spiritual direction. Spiritual direction is simply a space where one person assists another in attending to the presence and call of God in all of life. Though not always called by the same name, this practice has been a vital ministry for hundreds of years.

How it works

Sessions are one hour in length, done on a monthly basis, and can be in-person or online.
You can think of a spiritual director as a companion to help you listen to what God is already saying in your life.

Spiritual Direction is not therapy

Spiritual direction is different from counseling and therapy in important ways. The focus is not on a particular problem or relational crisis. Spiritual direction instead is a space to sense how God is inviting us to deeper connection with Him.
Here you discover more of how God is already working in you so that you can respond to Him more clearly. 

How to begin

You can set up a complementary conversation over the phone or online to meet any of the spiritual directors and to ask them questions. You are free to choose a director that feels best to you. Finally, if you choose to move forward, you can pick a time each month that works for you and the director.

Discover what is missing

“Before Landmark, I worked really hard to try to figure out what I was missing in my relationship with God. I went to seminary, I learned a lot about God, I studied the Bible. And even then, I still know I was missing something. Spiritual direction taught me how to sit in silence before God, and experience His presence in a way that nothing else can.” 

-Will Mooney, Made & Matter Counseling

God is present. He is always working

When a man begins to notice that God is in his midst, actively drawing him into his Presence, and pouring out His love for him, everything changes. Spiritual direction interrupts our busy lives long enough that we not only hear His voice, but we learn to feel what it is like to be a treasured son of God. One of the best parts of spiritual direction is how it leads to The Exercises.