Spiritual Direction

Men seek out spiritual direction for a variety of reasons. Some are facing a crisis of faith or a period of great difficulty. Others feel stuck or confused in their relationship with God. Still others just want help growing closer to Him.

About Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the ancient practice of helping you understand your own story and enter more fully into the story God is telling. While counseling primarily deals with past trauma and life coaching deals with future goals, spiritual direction deals with the present moment. What is God doing right now? What is He up to in your life? Spiritual direction is not discipling, teaching, or even mentoring. It is a type of conversation that will help you become more attuned to God’s presence in and around you. Such awareness can be profoundly helpful and healing for the masculine soul. He is already seeking to enter our stories. Responding to His initiative is how we find Him as our guide, own our true identity, and discover the quest He has for us.