An intimate prayer adventure

The Exercises are a journey to expand beyond our small self and experience true brotherhood with Jesus

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Often called the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius or the 19th Annotation, the heart of the Exercises is to feel and experience Jesus in a raw, up close, and in-person way.

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Learn to see the world that Jesus saw

Through a daily practice of prayer, enter into the world of Jesus in a visceral way. You will begin to feel what He felt, see what He saw. You will learn to think His thoughts and develop a deepened friendship and intimacy with Him.

Become fully alive in your true self

Learn how to embrace a posture of listening to God, discerning what you are supposed to do in your life. As you understand yourself as a treasured child of God, you will find the freedom to live fully as the man you are called to be.

Who are the Exercises for?

Many men spend a period of time in Spiritual Direction before beginning the Exercises.
The Exercises are for men who want:

How to apply

The Exercises begin in September and end in May. Many men go through a discernment period to be prepared to make a decision during the summer. You can schedule an exploratory call below to begin the discernment process.