Come, and You Will See

What if you had a day to spend with Jesus in person? What would you do? What would you ask Him? What do you think He would ask you?

Just such a scenario happened in the gospel accounts (John 1:35-39). Andrew has been mesmerized by John the Baptist, becoming one of his disciples. But after John points out Jesus as the Lamb of God, Andrew is intrigued. Along with another of John’s disciples, he starts to tag along behind Jesus, probably at some distance out of fear or awkwardness. Jesus turns around and asks them point blank, “What do you want?” I can only imagine that they were caught off guard by such directness. What did they want after all? A peek at greatness? A taste of fame? A chance to watch Jesus do a miracle? They probably weren’t even sure want they wanted. Instead of giving an answer, they respond obliquely with another question, changing the subject: “Rabbi, where are you staying?” Jesus doesn’t scold them for their indirectness or demand an answer to His question. He doesn’t even give directions. He simply says, “Come, and you will see.” I love that. I just love that. That’s all they needed. It’s all they really wanted. It was an invitation to hang out with the Teacher. The text says they responded to His call and came, spending the whole day with Him. 

Imagine someone you admire asking you to come and spend the day with them? It could be a cherished mentor, a famous musician, or a distinguished author. Imagine how you would feel — probably surprised at such an invitation and then delighted that you were singled out. It would be a day you would never forget. 

All my life I have longed to be invited into such a scene. I have wanted to be close to someone who exudes wisdom and compassion, who is interested in me and wants to spend that time with me. I suspect this same longing is in many others. We long to connect to someone who is greater, who can see further than our own horizon, who wants to point out the way through the nettles and swamps of this life. 

Jesus came to touch that longing. He is truly Immanuel, God with us. He is the Great One who invites us into His company to spend the day with Him, just like He did with Andrew. That invitation is extended every day to each of us. The promise of Jesus is that He will be with us until the end of this age (Matt. 28:20). Some may let out a sigh with such a promise — they were looking someone in flesh and blood. But Jesus didn’t agree with that assessment. He said to His twelve that it was better for them if He left them physically (John 16:7).

He’s right. Beyond our senses and yet closer than our thoughts, the presence of the living Christ is here. You are with Him now more than you could possibly imagine. He has been inviting you into His presence all of your life. How do you respond to such an invitation? You start where you are. You answer His call to come and spend the day with Him. You start a conversation. You talk to Him about everything you are doing and thinking through the day. And then you listen for His response. You listen for His questions. But mainly you listen for His love.

The Great One greatly desires your company. 

Come and spend today with Him.

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