Some Ideas To Consider This Summer

I spent 20 years as a high school teacher, and I still operate with the school calendar in my system. Summer has always been a time to slow down the pace, pick up some fun activities, and reconsider what the next nine months might hold. It has also been a time to refresh my soul and open myself to how God wants to grow me. In that spirit, I simply want to make you aware of some items that you might want to consider.

Quiet Days

The Quiet Days for the remainder of 2024 are now open for registration, with dates in September, October, and November. These are a chance to dip your toe into the world of silence. I never cease to be amazed at how Jesus meets men when they simply offer Him space and stillness. And I have never met anyone who regretted the time.

All Quiet Days happen on Friday afternoons from 12 noon to 4:30 at various locations in Nashville. We have tried to find places that are both convenient and beautiful, with places to walk and sit. Lunch is included in the registration fee. And if you sign up before Aug. 1, there is an early bird 20% discount. Use EARLYBIRD20.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a good place to consider with the summer, as most men experience spiritual direction as a time of rest and refreshment. Sessions happen monthly for an hour. Set up an intro phone call with me, Richard, or Jon Micah (our two new spiritual directors) to get your questions answered. Learn more about us here.

The Exercises

The Exercises (formally known as the Ignatian Exercises) are a tried-and-true means of experiencing Jesus at a whole new level. If you have ever wanted to feel closer to Him or wondered how to open yourself more to His love, this is the place to start.

Listen to one young man who just finished the nine-month journey with the Exercises: “The Ignatian Exercises was the most profound spiritual experience of my life. It was an incredible journey from knowing a lot about Christianity and having read countless books about it to actually knowing Jesus — from reading about Him to actually experiencing His love for me personally.”

The application process starts in the summer, so that we can begin in the fall. If you are interested in hearing more, read about the Exercises here.

Developmental Soul Care

This is a brand new offering, not even on the website yet. In a nutshell, it takes you back through all the developmental stages, starting in the womb and allowing God to give you what you didn’t receive or undo the harmful things you did receive.

I have taken this journey myself, and I can say it has profoundly recast my inner life and healed me in places I didn’t know would ever be redeemed. Nothing is impossible with God, and Developmental Soul Care is certainly a way God makes good on that promise. If you want to hear more, contact me.

Final Word…

Our 8th Annual Pig Roast will be October 5. More coming about that later.

Whatever you do with this summer, invite Jesus into it. Better yet, ask Him what He has for you this summer. He always offers more than you could have come up with yourself.


Photo by Sean Oulashin on Unsplash

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