Four Words for the Great Adventure

To follow Jesus is the beginning of the great adventure in life. Here are four words that help us come to grips with Him, sketching out why His story is so compelling and transforming. Unique: There has never been another person like Jesus in history. He burst all known categories at the time, as everyone […]

The Unexpected Resurrection

I have always loved Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, especially the scene when the dying Beast finally gets Belle to love him. Then the unexpected happens: he comes back to life, no longer as a beast, but as a man, alive, filled with glory, hope, and love. I am always mesmerized by this scene because it […]

The Death of Dreams

In the eighth grade. I knew I had to shed my geeky mannerisms and enter the world of sports. I was terrified of football and had miserable experiences with basketball, but I discovered I was good in track, a spring sport. Yet I needed to play a sport one other season (a school rule), so […]