Turning Shame Into Glory

Everything Jesus did in the gospels was either surprising or stunning. What happened on the mountain with Peter, James, and John is no exception. For one fleeting moment, Jesus was transfigured, unveiling His real identity before them, and it was dazzling (Mark 9: 2-8). The Gospel of Mark describes His clothes radiating a brilliant, blinding […]

The Unpredictability of Jesus

Jesus is maddeningly unpredictable. Just look at the accounts of his healing ministry. He would touch a leper who needed to feel His compassion (Mark 1:40-42), put His own saliva on the tongue of a mute man while He put His fingers in his deaf ears (Mark 7:31-37), allow His healing power to flow out […]

“It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

The summer before last I went mountain climbing with a friend out in Colorado. But the day before the big ascent, he wanted to take us both on ATVs up into the alpine regions on mountain roads. I remember feeling uncomfortable but willing to give it a try. But the discomfort turned into panic on the […]