The Identity Crisis in Men Today

The identity crisis in men today

There is an identity crisis in men today. I see the symptoms of it everywhere I look: In the exhaustion of men who run too hard or just run away. In the inner turbulence they bring to their marriages and families. In the binding power of addictions that imprison a man’s soul. And finally in […]

Taking My Own Medicine

“And what happened there has transformed my life so much.” It was a friend’s description of her experience in a ministry similar to Landmark Journey. I should have been delighted—or at least encouraged. But I was neither. I felt jealous.  In my mind I knew that if Jesus were honored and hearts were changed, I should rejoice, but […]

Being thankful…in the rain

What am I thankful for this week? It came during the rain on Sunday. Heidi and I often walk early on Sunday mornings to get ourselves moving and to enjoy the outdoors. It was cloudy this Sunday, but on the warmish side. Rain was supposed to move in later, so we thought we could get in […]