Christ’s Presence — The Game Changer

Through the month of February, I am going take up the topic of Christ’s presence in terms of our healing, initiation, and empowerment as men. His presence is not just an interesting side note to our lives. It is to be front and center stage. To move analogies from the theatrical to the athletic, Christ’s […]

Avengers Endgame and the Longing for Greatness

For a video version of this post, click here. Every man chases a greatness that eludes him. That chase can send him on an ambitious hunt for career success. It can drive him to amass power and influence. It can propel him to garner fame. There is nothing inherently evil about our longing for greatness. […]

God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines

I read something years ago from C. S. Lewis that has stuck with me: God writes straight with crooked lines. It was his literary way of saying that God brings good out of evil. In the abstract I have long since accepted this deeply Biblical idea (see Gen. 50:20). But it’s quite another thing to live it out.  […]