Christ Is The Great Initiator of Men

Christ is the great initiator of men

This is the third is a series of posts on how Christ’s presence is the game changer in a man’s life. I want to focus this post on a topic of male initiation. As someone who felt uninitiated for years, I can attest to how much help I have received from older, wiser men. But […]

How Christ’s Presence Heals Men

Christ's presence heals men

In the first post of this series on Christ’s presence, I looked out how His presence is the game changer in a man’s life. Now I want to dig further into this, starting with how Christ’s presence heals men. But I must begin by stating something obvious, yet often missed. The Reality of His Presence […]

Christ’s Presence — The Game Changer

Through the month of February, I am going take up the topic of Christ’s presence in terms of our healing, initiation, and empowerment as men. His presence is not just an interesting side note to our lives. It is to be front and center stage. To move analogies from the theatrical to the athletic, Christ’s […]

Practical Tools To Become More Mindful

Become more mindful

The last three posts have explored the topic of mindfulness — as a cultural phenomenon, as a part of true masculinity, and as a practice to grow in Christ. In this last post, I want to give you some practical tools to become more mindful. Here are five, in no particular order. The Examen: This […]