The NFL Draft and the Resurrection

For a video version of this post, click here. The NFL draft just blew through our city, attracting over 500,000 folks. It’s the biggest event ever to hit Nashville. Just five days earlier, the resurrection of Jesus was the center focus in churches throughout the area. I found the juxtaposition of these two striking. What […]

Wake up, O sleeper!

Horizon sunrise at dawn

“Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you” (Eph. 5:14). Today is the day after Easter. Many of us are back in our normal routines. Life seems to be going on as it was before. There are tragedies in the morning news, traffic on the highways, and upcoming deadlines […]

Five Ways Reading In Solitude Changes You

For a video version of this blog, click here. We live in a culture of constant noise, endless distraction, and pressing deadlines. The relentless pace of life creates increasing drag on our souls, weighing us down. We may do more and get more done, but at what cost? Often the cost is the nourishment of […]

Five Points About Inner Healing Prayer

praise and prayer

For a video version of this post, click here. It happened recently. A man came to me in distress about a traumatic memory that has surfaced, one he has run from his whole life. We prayed together and asked Jesus to come into that memory. What happened next was astonishing. It was a breakthrough he […]

The Surprise of Heroic: The Story Behind This Unlikely Book

Heroic, true manhood, by Bill Delvaux

For a video version of this blog, go to Today is the official release day for Heroic: The Surprising Path to True Manhood. But what is even more surprising is how it all happened. It is really three separate surprises. Here’s the backstory on the book on this very unlikely book. In December of […]