What Social Media Can Never Do

One of the cultural discussions going on these days is about the pros and the cons of social media. But whatever you or I think about it, there is definitely one thing social media can never do. It’s the one thing that young men and women long for and often don’t know it. I saw […]

Finding Hope When All Seems Lost

What kinds of stories do we love to hear? In general, they are the ones in which the tension builds for the main character, escalating into what appears to be an impossible situation. We wonder, How will they every get out of this one? Whatever dream or hope was there appears crushed. This is the end — […]

Why Is This Happening To Me?

We have all watched tragic events descending unexpectedly on others. We have also traversed our own seasons of suffering and grief. Along with that, we witness loved ones succumbing to cancer or other illnesses. Then the nightly news hits us with senseless killings, especially those related to school shootings. The amount of pain accumulated by […]

Looking For Strength

What makes you feel strong? Where do you go to find strength to walk through life? Even though the strength issue is a huge question for men, women also need to feel strong in their own way. Both genders are looking and often not finding. When I taught high school, I watched young men try […]

Put On Those Hiking Boots

One of the reasons I have loved backpacking over the years is the feel of the journey. I step into my hiking boots and step onto the trail. The sounds of my footfalls soon mix with the sighing wind and the chickadee calls. I am quickly enveloped by the colors and textures of the forest. […]

Summer Vacation or Summer Rest?

(Note: Beginning with today’s blog, there will now be a video companion where I talk through the content of the blog. Check out the YouTube link here: https://youtu.be/MGMTMdG0cN4 During my earlier years, I distinctly remember the tastes and sights of summer when school let out. It was a time of unstructured play, of romping through the […]