Help Wanted!

I really need your help. If you are interested in hearing why, read on… I have been divided about Divided. This is no silly pun. As I mentioned in the blog last week, so much of being an author today is about promoting yourself, getting your message out, growing your platform. Since the book released last month, I […]

The Silence Is Where the Action Is

It happened again last week. It was powerful, transforming, beautiful. Here are the ingredients: a few men and 20 minutes of silence. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? I know. I used to think that powerful and transforming meant big and loud. Now I know better. The silence is where the action is. It’s where […]

The True Confessions of Being An Author

I used to think that being an author was a golden trophy, coveted by many, achieved by few. It marked one out as being special, worthy of attention. I viewed authors much the same way I viewed well-known musicians or actors. Then I became one. Suddenly the golden trophy mutated into a wooden idol. Being […]

Why I Love Easter and Hate Public Prayer

Over the last decade or so, I have grown to love celebrating Easter and hate praying in public. That love/hate relationship collided on Sunday. Here’s the story. First Easter. Why do I love it so much now? Perhaps it’s all the cultural baggage and insane busyness that weighs down Christmas. Perhaps it’s getting older and […]