Monday Morning Wrestling

It’s Monday morning 6 AM. Time for one of my men’s story groups. Some mornings I wonder why I started this one so early. This morning was not one of them. After some initial banter and coffee consumption, we jumped in to tell stories of battles we are currently facing. They went all over the […]

Numbering The Days I Have Left

No, this is not an announcement that I have a terminal disease, nor am I in a morbid frame of mind. Numbering the days we have left can produce a golden heart of wisdom. Let me explain. Today is my birthday. I’m happy to be alive, fortunate to have lived a good life, glad to have family […]

How The Geese Saved Me

It has been a long winter for everyone. Even though I enjoy the cold, it has been a long one for me also, not outwardly, but inwardly—a winter in my soul. I have created little that is new for this blog for some time, instead using excerpts from the new book and other older materials. I haven’t […]

Playing Life Too Safe

I will never forget the conversation. A good friend was telling me about a survey done with those who were in their 80’s. One of the questions posed was this: “What is your biggest regret in life?” The number one answer startled me. It wasn’t spending too much time at work or being too worried […]

Becoming Undivided

In Psalm, 86:11, David asks the Lord to give him an undivided heart, a heart of integrity. Just how much I needed this came clear in the most unlikely of places, the pulpit. A number of years ago, I left a church plant that had ended in failure. Depressed and ashamed, I had taken a job as a high […]