How To Find Success and Fame in One Step

For years I have been on metaphysical merry-go-round, running after success and fame. I chased after it as a musician in my 20’s, as a minister in my 30’s, as a teacher and coach in my 40’s, and as an author in my 50’s. The endless striving comes out of my own story that left […]

Why Do We Read??

As the books pile up in our house, we are now forced to get rid of some or resell them. The collection has multiplied over the years as our whole family has become inveterate readers. We are so content (even on vacations) to simply pull out our books and read. So it got me thinking recently: why […]

A Brief Sampling from Divided

With the launch of Divided in March, I thought I would do a blog this month and one in February with brief excerpts from the book. Here is one of my favorite stories that shows so clearly the divide between our head and heart:  Once while teaching a class, I told several stories that outlined how my heart […]

Top 10 Things I Learned With the Flu

My family got slammed with the flu last week, as my daughter Rachel slid into the abyss first, followed by me (Heidi thankfully was spared). After 24 hours with the virus, I became a shivering mass of flesh, pitifully prone in fetal position with layers of blankets on top of me. Somehow I knew then that I was being summoned to […]

After Christmas—A Glimmer of Heaven

For some, the days after Christmas can be a letdown. The presents are opened and the feasts are finished. But for me and my family, it was anything but a letdown. What we all felt was a glimmer of heaven. Here’s what happened. My oldest daughter got married right after Christmas, and it was an added thrill for […]