How Digital Media Can Harm Us

How Digital Media Is Corrupting Us

Digital media can harm us. This is not a new subject to any of us. But I felt it imperative to throw in my thoughts as a spiritual director. None of these thoughts are original, but perhaps seeing them summarized may be helpful. In addition, while the whole topic is disturbing, we have choices that […]

The Coronavirus Choice: Survive or Thrive

The Coronavirus Choice: Surviving or Thriving

As the viral crisis bears down on this country, I continue this series. Last week the choice dealt with responding in fear or love. This week, let me start this way. If you listen only to the news, it is easy to move into panic mode. So many social props are being tossed aside or […]

How Christ’s Presence Heals Men

Christ's presence heals men

In the first post of this series on Christ’s presence, I looked out how His presence is the game changer in a man’s life. Now I want to dig further into this, starting with how Christ’s presence heals men. But I must begin by stating something obvious, yet often missed. The Reality of His Presence […]

Practical Tools To Become More Mindful

Become more mindful

The last three posts have explored the topic of mindfulness — as a cultural phenomenon, as a part of true masculinity, and as a practice to grow in Christ. In this last post, I want to give you some practical tools to become more mindful. Here are five, in no particular order. The Examen: This […]

The Surging Interest in Mindfulness

Throughout the month of January, I want to explore the surging interest in mindfulness. Along the way, I will connect mindfulness to manhood and to life as a Christ-follower. Here we go… The next time you are in a grocery store or drug store line, take a look at the magazines. Alongside the sex scandals […]

Practicing The Presence

This is the third in a series on God’s presence. God is always inviting us into His presence (the first post). As we learn to accept that invitation, His presence shapes us into true men (the second post). But the practical question is upon us. How do we stay in His presence? How do we […]

Preparing for Christmas, Part 3: STOP THE FRENZY!

I did something that no teacher would ever advise, yet it turned out to be a watershed experience for my class. Interestingly enough, it is just what we need to prepare our hearts for Christmas. Let me explain. I still teach a high school class at Christ Presbyterian Academy, where I taught full time for many years. That one class, Men […]