What’s Your Mission for 2021?

The future seems to outsmart the best of us. No one could have foreseen what 2020 would be like. So I refuse any temptation to prognosticate about this year. But I can speak to how we can face it. Let’s start with a question: What’s your mission for 2021? To have a mission means you […]

Christ’s Presence — The Game Changer

Through the month of February, I am going take up the topic of Christ’s presence in terms of our healing, initiation, and empowerment as men. His presence is not just an interesting side note to our lives. It is to be front and center stage. To move analogies from the theatrical to the athletic, Christ’s […]

Why we must keep drinking

The book of Acts in the New Testament is commonly referred to as the Acts of the Apostles. It’s the story of the amazing deeds of those first disciples, how they put God’s Word into action. But a closer reading of the text reveals a deeper story. It’s really the tale of the amazing deeds […]