The Coronavirus Choice: Fear or Love

The Coronavirus choice: fear or love

As the present viral crisis deepens, we are all facing something I have never experienced in my lifetime. So much is being said and written, some of it helpful, some not so much. So I have decided to take the next few posts to speak into this. This first post will be on the crucial […]

How Mindfulness Can Form Men Into Christ

Becoming mindful of Christ, we are formed into His image as men

In the last two posts, I explored the cultural interest in mindfulness and the importance of mindfulness in becoming men. In this post I want to turn another corner. How can mindfulness form men into Christ? How can it be help them along on the most important journey of their lives, becoming like Jesus, the […]

Five Points About Inner Healing Prayer

praise and prayer

For a video version of this post, click here. It happened recently. A man came to me in distress about a traumatic memory that has surfaced, one he has run from his whole life. We prayed together and asked Jesus to come into that memory. What happened next was astonishing. It was a breakthrough he […]

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

The question took me by surprise. It came in a conversation with a close friend who has walked with me over the past few years.  We were talking about living out the vision for our lives and not getting stuck in lives of mere survival and passivity. As I spoke about my own hesitation and […]

A quote I will never forget

Throughout my life, there have been certain statements that have opened doors into my mind and heart, letting air and light into them, shifting my whole sense of being. Here is one of the most important of them: “What can be seen on earth indicates neither the total absence, nor the manifest presence of divinity, […]