The Coronavirus Choice: Survive or Thrive

The Coronavirus Choice: Surviving or Thriving

As the viral crisis bears down on this country, I continue this series. Last week the choice dealt with responding in fear or love. This week, let me start this way. If you listen only to the news, it is easy to move into panic mode. So many social props are being tossed aside or […]

The Coronavirus Choice: Fear or Love

The Coronavirus choice: fear or love

As the present viral crisis deepens, we are all facing something I have never experienced in my lifetime. So much is being said and written, some of it helpful, some not so much. So I have decided to take the next few posts to speak into this. This first post will be on the crucial […]

St. Patrick, The Man Behind the Holiday

St. Patrick, the man behind the holiday

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. We mostly think of wearing green to celebrate, but the man behind the holiday has held a growing fascination for me. Perhaps it’s because he lived as a missionary, something I wanted to become when I was a young man. Or perhaps it’s the autobiography he wrote, […]

Christ’s Presence Is A Man’s Strength

Christ's presence — a man's strength

In this last post on Christ’s presence, I want to explore how He is the source of a man’s strength. In my years as a high school teacher and coach, I saw the search for strength acted out every day by young men. And the paths they pursued were legion: gaining status as an athletic […]