Who Are The True Heroes?

One of my good friends had an uncle who fought in WWII. But he vehemently refused the title of hero when someone attempted to label him as such. His curt response? “The ones who didn’t come home — they were the true heroes.” In the news last week, I heard the story of a man […]

Friends…Until Death Do Us Part

For a video version of this post, click here. Men routinely fall for this deadly lie and create havoc in their lives. I have done it myself. Here’s the lie: Life is found in the success, power, reputation, and fame I achieve in my career. But the man who chases after that deception will not […]

A Man’s Quarter-Life Crisis

One of my good friends has dubbed it the quarter-life crisis. Somewhere around 25 or so, a young man can feel the question hanging in the back of his mind, unformed and yet very much present. He has walked through all preplanned educational doorways, finishing high school, college, and perhaps graduate studies. He has taken […]

Avengers Endgame and the Longing for Greatness

For a video version of this post, click here. Every man chases a greatness that eludes him. That chase can send him on an ambitious hunt for career success. It can drive him to amass power and influence. It can propel him to garner fame. There is nothing inherently evil about our longing for greatness. […]