Go Deep or Go Home

Land planning and survey

When I taught high school, one of the science teachers told me about a fascinating assignment he gave to his class one day. They went outside and sat down on assigned places on the lawn. Then he marked out for each of them a tiny square piece of grass and told them to watch and […]

The Masculine Crisis

Man standing

For a video version of this blog, click here. Men are in trouble. You can slice and dice the statistics any way you want to, and it comes back with the same result. There is a scourge of fatherlessness among boys and young men. There are daily revelations of male sexual harassment and abuse. There […]

Four Reasons Why Silence Could Be A Man’s Best Friend

Contemplation and meditation

For a video version on this blog, click here. One of the first questions men ask each other is about their work. Here is how I like to answer it: “I help men enter silence.” I get some fascinating responses to that one! On the whole, I think the idea of silence strikes men as […]