The Call To Leave Our Families

During this time of growth in Jesus’ ministry, opposition came from an unexpected source, his own family. His brothers, through misunderstanding or perhaps jealousy decided that Jesus had lost his mind and came to take him away (Mark 3:20-21). Imagine your kid brother announcing that he was going to be President someday. How would you […]

The War All Around Us—And In Us

We are at war. No one likes the reality of it, but that doesn’t make it go away. All throughout history and all throughout Scripture, there is a war going on between good and evil, between God and Satan. It is this conflict that is drives the plotline of so many ancient myths and modern […]

The Tug-of-War Inside All of Us

There is an inner tug-of-war in all of us, a tension that drives so much of our outer life. Here it is: We long to be known, and at the same time we’re terrified of it.   So many of our patterns of relating and our failures to love can be traced to this tug-of-war. Which side […]