Preparing for Christmas, Week 4: Christmas In Reverse

In the end, how can we prepare ourselves for Christmas with only four days left? By trying Christmas In Reverse. What do I mean? I once heard the story of a Stealth fighter plane performing training maneuvers one night. It was flying low to the ground at a fast rate of speed when the pilot noticed […]

Preparing for Christmas, Part 3: STOP THE FRENZY!

I did something that no teacher would ever advise, yet it turned out to be a watershed experience for my class. Interestingly enough, it is just what we need to prepare our hearts for Christmas. Let me explain. I still teach a high school class at Christ Presbyterian Academy, where I taught full time for many years. That one class, Men […]

Preparing for Christmas, Part 2: It Feels Awful

“Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her king; let every heart prepare him room…” We sing this every Christmas, but what exactly does it feel like to prepare room in your heart for Jesus? It can feel awful. Let me explain. A number of years ago, our family got the chance […]

How To Prepare for Christmas

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent, and it’s time to prepare our hearts for Christmas. We do this for only one reason, so that the light of Christmas can shine into our hearts, so that His light becomes our light, the light of a felt, interior joy that shines out from us to a darkened world. But how? How does […]