The Silent Retreat is an immersion into the world of silence. Whereas the Day of Silence is 8 hours long, the Silent Retreat is nearly 48 hours. Why such an extended time? Because a man needs it. It is so easy to become disoriented, lose focus, and lose heart in this world. There are pressures in the work place, conflicts on the home front, and ever-impinging anxiety in a man's soul. The Silent Retreat is an opportunity to detach and detox from all of this. As the silence deepens inside of a man, so does his awareness of God's presence and love. Freedom replaces pressure. Peace replaces conflict. Rest replaces anxiety. He will then be able to take the silence out with him when he walks back into the world.

The next Silent Retreat will be at St. Joseph's Monastery in Whitesville, KY on a weekend in early 2021. During the retreat, there will be personal guidance and some structure to enter the silence. Bill will also be available for one or two sessions of spiritual direction. This retreat will be limited to the first 6 men who sign up.

Email with any questions.

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